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Dec 28 2011

Guide - Recording Hulu, Netflix or Anything via the Hauppauge Colossus

So we've all probably experienced the case where, for some reason, our DVR misses an episode and we have to find it via another mechanism.  Sure, you can watch it on Hulu or Amazon VOD, but you want to add it to your collection without the DRM (exactly how the DVR would have done), and it came over the air/cable for free (or you paid your cable bill) - so why should you have to pay for it again?!   Maybe you've had one too many nasty-grams from Comcast about your bit-torrent downloads so you don't want to go that route.

Nov 24 2011

Guide - Digitizing VHS with the Hauppauge Colossus

So my primary reason for purchasing the Hauppauge Colossus was to digitize a small VCR library.   Some purchased movie titles others non-professional and non-purchasable.    It seems my wife's Dad bought almost every Disney movie on VCR during the limited release cycle.   Since my 4yr old isn't going to complain about simulated surround vs TrueHD, I figured capturing the upscaled image after it's piped through my receiver's video processor would be good enough for her.    Of course, little did I know I'd end up spending more money than the recently released BDs would cost me through the Disney Movie Club, but that's beside the point right?! Smile

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