Jan 24 2013

News - SilverStone Prototype NUC Chassis Revealed

SilverStone NUC ChassisWhile we saw a bunch of great stuff from SilverStone at CES, one thing they didn't bring along with them was a chassis solution for Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC). SilverStone just unveiled a prototype to show there is something in the works. By the looks of it, the enclosure sports a passive design with heatsink fins on the exterior giving an interesting appearance while exposing more area for cooling. We can't wait to get one in for review. Check out all the eye candy in the photo gallery after the break.

Jan 13 2013

News - Silverstone @ CES 2013

Silverstone offers a plethora of enclosures for the HTPC enthusiast and after our visit with them at CES this year, we're excited to see them expanding their offerings. Perhaps the most intruiging new enclosure shown was the Thin Mini-ITX PT13. The black brushed aluminum chassis is the most compact Thin Mini-ITX enclosure we've seen and utilizes a custom CPU cooler while passivlely cooling the rest of the system. Read more to see all the photos.

Jan 12 2013

News - LIAN LI @ CES 2013

LIAN LIIn 2012, we reveiwed the thin mini-ITX PC-Q05 and mini-ITX PC-Q25, both interesting options for the HTPC enthusiast. At CES, we had the chance to catch up with LIAN LI and were rewarded with a look at a new prototype chassis designed to house Intel's NUC board. The black brushed aluminum chassis features passive cooling and a VESA mount. Compared to the stock Intel NUC chassis, LIAN LI's prototype has a higher-end look and feel. Considering the NUC has had some thermal issues in the past, we'll be very interested in performing a full review of the solution when it becomes available. Photos after the break...

Sep 20 2011

News - Thermaltake DH 202 Touch Chassis Reviewed

DH 202In this day and age, it seems that home theater PC (HTPC) chassis styles have more niches than ever with many preferring smaller, minimalist and understated looks without a display. Thermaltake's DH 202 Touch case wildly bucks that trend with a huge 7" touch interface dominating the front of the very large chassis. If you're the type that can handle a monster such as the DH 202 Touch and it's matching price tag, check out the latest review of the enclosure.

Thermaltake are well known in the PC industry for their cases, PSUs and coolers but more recently they have branched out to eSports. Releasing a range of high end gaming gear for those looking to maximise their gaming potential. We looked at the Black Element mouse recently and found it to be a high quality product, especially impressive for the manufacturers first mouse in the enthusiast market.

Elsewhere in their product catalogue Thermaltake have continued to evolve their products and one of the latest released is the DH 202 Touch chassis. Designed for home theatre use the DH 202 Touch features some high class styling and combines it with a 7" touch screen on the front panel. Today we take a look at that case in detail. 


Aug 04 2011

News - SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E Micro-ATX Chassis Reviewed

We learned from our recent HTPC chassis survey that a good number of you are using standard tower and desktop enclosures for your primary HTPC. If you've gone shopping for a Micro-ATX tower chassis, you'll quickly find that there are few decent options available that are modern, can fit one or two powerful GPUs, have adequate cooling and have small dimensions. Enter the sleek SilverStone Temjin TJ08-E which made its debut at CompuTex.

With the ability to house 13.25" long expansion cards and a 150mm high CPU cooler along with four 3.5" and one 2.5" internal bays, two 5.25" and one 3.5" external bays, two USB 3.0 ports, a positive pressure cooling design with a 180mm fan, the fully-painted aluminum/steel chassis can accommodate a lot of systems. It is perhaps fairly routine sounding until the dimensions are studied. At 15.16" x 8.27" x 14.72", the TJ08-E has a lot to offer for such a compact size.

Check out Anandtech's review of the innovative enclosure:

While vendors have been all too happy to send us larger enclosures (and we've been all too happy to receive them), our coverage of Mini-ITX and Micro-ATX cases has been a little lacking. That's why we're pleased today to present SilverStone's new Temjin TJ08-E. SilverStone's Temjin line has been a popular one, and with the TJ08-E mini tower they're confident they have a winner on their hands. It has the kind of clean exterior design we've been clamoring for more of, but can it perform?


Jul 27 2011

News - SilverStone CW02 HTPC Reviewed

If you're into really large HTPC cases, this may be the guy for you.  My preferences generally run the other way though - preferring to push the hard drives into another location where the rattle doesn't matter as much.

The CW02 from Silverstone’s Crown Series is crafted to allow users to really appreciate the design of this high quality HTPC chassis. At first glance, the all-aluminum construction and reinforced aluminum dress plates in the front set off the already classy case. The interior design of the CW02 is able to accommodate extended length graphics cards, proficiently displaying the HTPC system at its best. Capable of supporting CPU coolers of 160mm in height for additional cooling options, its spacious interior assures the highest performance system possible in this market segment. The suspended, vibration-dampening hard drive cage and dual control knobs for volume and navigation control also add even more to the feature-rich CW02. You can have up to six hard drives for multi-terabyte storage, allowing far more flexibility than merely serving a an HTPC. Users can enjoy their system’s state-of-the-art, multi-language display functions and, with a 52-in-1 card reader under the hood, the CW02 looks like it has the potential to be named “Best of” in quite a few categories… but should it? Keep on reading to find out just how well it does in our testing.



Jun 09 2011

News - Lian Li PC-C60 HTPC Chassis Revealed

I love Lian Li cases--they're easy to use, aluminum so they're lightweight, and well built. What I do wish however is they would get a little more creative on their stylings. But hey, I guess I'm happy enough that they continue to produce HTPC-style cases!

Lian Li PC-C60

Pictured below, the PC-C60 measures 445 (W) x 182 (H)x 410 (D) mm, it supports ATX, micro ATX and mini-ITX motherboard, and features a front I/O panel with USB 3.0 (x 2), eSATA (x 1) and audio ports, two 5.25-inch bays, six 3.5-inch bays (three bays can be converted to support 2.5-inch drives), and three 140mm fans - two in front and one on top. This one will be available in silver and black, priced at $149 (without VAT).


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