Dec 28 2011

Guide - Recording Hulu, Netflix or Anything via the Hauppauge Colossus

So we've all probably experienced the case where, for some reason, our DVR misses an episode and we have to find it via another mechanism.  Sure, you can watch it on Hulu or Amazon VOD, but you want to add it to your collection without the DRM (exactly how the DVR would have done), and it came over the air/cable for free (or you paid your cable bill) - so why should you have to pay for it again?!   Maybe you've had one too many nasty-grams from Comcast about your bit-torrent downloads so you don't want to go that route.

Oct 13 2010

Guide - Installing SageTV V7

sage teaser 

SageTV V7 Installation Guide

If you are new to SageTV getting it installed and everything like ISO playback and HD audio/video playback working can be bit of a challenge; so when I needed to do a V7 install a few days ago I decided to document the process to hopefully make it easier for everyone to get the server up and running.

When looking at the guide it is important that many of the steps are not required to make SageTV work, but they either make it work better or accomplish specific goals (like HD audio playback or ISO support).  Also note that while V7 is feature complete and very stable it is still in the Release Candidate stage, so not yet "Gold".

Please note that this guide should be considered a living document. So please let me know if there are things I missed or areas that are confusing.

Click through to get the whole thing, but get some refreshments first - it's pretty long :)

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