Nov 22 2015

News - Another Copy Once CableCARD Player Dips Toe In

Microsoft WMC is dead, done, dusted. But that doesn't mean that HTPC DVR users have to give up on CableCARD, SiliconDust is trying to build a solution, and now JRiver has started a Kickstarter campaign to see if there's demand for a second Copy Once capable solution.

It's day 27 of 30, and they're looking for $100K (which sounds about right) in funding. If you're looking for a modern solution from an agile company with a proven track record of delivering constant improvement in HTPC software this could be $20 well spent.

Jan 15 2015

News - SiliconDust @ CES 2015

SiliconDust didn’t have any new products to show in their suite this year, but we did get a chance to look at the new packaging which is important as they make a bigger push into retail, especially in Europe. We did get a chance to discuss some of the products that should have launched, but unfortunately were delayed due to merger/acquisitions in the silicon industry (e.g. Freescale bought one of their suppliers). Fortunately this only translated into delays, both the six tuner CableCARD and the dual DVB-T2 are still on the road map – with the later expected to ship very soon (Huzzah!). SiliconDust also has an eight DVB-S tuner in the works, which will be a global device with hundreds of channels available from around the world.

Jan 13 2015

News - Cable Labs Changes OCUR Specification Expanding Copy-Freely Content - MythTV Users Rejoice

CableCARD is the technology that enables HTPC users to build the ultimate DVR. The kind of multi-tuner DVR backed by insane amounts of storage that makes it easy to “meh” when a company proudly proclaims the capabilities of their – not quite as spec’ful – aspirational kit. It has drawback though, especially if you prefer not to use Microsoft Windows Media Center (WMC), because while it is relatively easy to communicate with a Digital Cable Tuner (DCT) using UPnP and get the streams over RTP in applications like MythTV, NextPVR, or SageTV none of these provide support for the bane of CableCARD – DRM. Depending on your cable provider, this is either a huge problem (i.e. Time Warner/Cox) or not that bad (Comcast), at least until recently when the specification changed to allow the card to not provide a CCI flag (the digital indicator which notes Copy-Feely/Once/Never) on for content which should be marked Copy-Freely causing the DCT to fall back to CGMS-A, APS and RC (noted in Annex A above) which in most cases have random or incorrect values assigned. Requiring DRM on a show where it shouldn’t.

Dec 10 2014

News - Windows 7 + CableCARD? Do not install KB3004394!

Details are a bit sparse, but it appears that the recent KB3004394 patch breaks content protection on Windows Media Center for all CableCARD / Digital Cable Tuners (DCT). Early word was that it affected all platforms, but Silicondust says it's safe for Windows 8+. So if you're running Windows 7 probably best to skip that one for a while.

Sep 14 2014

News - SiliconDust HDHR Prime and MTR700 Tuning Adapter Issue

Every now and again we get an opportunity to see a company doing the right thing for their customers, even when it’s painful for them to do it. It’s unfortunate that this sort of thing often comes as a surprise and we don’t get to see it more often, but when the company is SiliconDust it wasn’t a shock to find out that they made the right/expensive choice to fix a recently discovered issue with Motorola’s MTR700 tuning adapter. The full breakdown is explained in the link below, and even more details available here. Whether this issue affected you personally or not, it’s clear that SiliconDust deserves some kudos.

Update 09/18/2014:

Looks like the update is rolling out now and it has fixed the issue. If you've been affected by this problem make sure to check your FW.

When you order a SSL cert from a website it is cheap because it is fully automated. If you want to reissue SSL certificates with something non-standard about them to work around a bug nobody was aware of before it requires special handling. Think custom script development, custom signing ceremonies, etc.

Option 1: we do nothing and wait for the MTR700 firmware to roll out.

Option 2: we do the workaround. Calculation: external costs + internal costs divided by the number of customers we expect to hit the problem over the next 3 months = approx $400 per affected customer to do the workaround.

Some days you just want pick up a large stuffed-crust pizza, a tub of ice cream, and go home.

SilconDust Blog

Aug 16 2013

News - Ceton infiniTV6 PCIe Pops At Retail

If after reading our review of the Ceton infiniTV 6 Ethernet, you thought "awesome now to wait for the PCIe version" the wait is over. Not only has the product page showed on Ceton's site it's also available from Amazon and Newegg. Having spent some quality time with its sibling, I can attest to the beauty of removing tuner scarcity from your PVR.

Feb 20 2012

News - It's Official - Ceton Tuners Now $199

Ceton InfiniTV 4 USBIf you stay on top of the current deals, you surely noticed that both of the InfiniTV models dropped $100 over the last few days on Amazon and other retailers. One-off discounts aren't generally news, but today it became official with Ceton announcing that they are changing the MSRP of their Digital Cable Tuners (DCT) to $199 making it the clear value play (@ $50/tuner) versus the competition.

It's probably too soon to call it the first strike in a price war, but it's never too early to hope Smile

PR after the click...

Aug 19 2011

News - Elgato App Debuts; Allows iPad 2 to Watch, Pause and Record Cable TV Directly From SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME CableCARD Tuner

Have you been dreaming of watching, recording and pausing Cable TV on your iPad 2? An interesting app from Elgato called the HDHomeRun PRIME App now provides that functionality. It's currently available in the App Store for $17.99.

You will need to get your hands on an HDHomeRun PRIME, of course. Only "Copy Freely" content will work so that's something you'll definitely want to confirm with your cable operator or verify your Windows Media Center recordings are not copy protected before laying down the cash.

In addition to watching, viewing and recording directly to the iPad 2, recordings can be moved to your PC or Mac. We have learned from SiliconDust that background recording and audio is supported as well. Press release after the break.

Aug 18 2011

News - InfiniTV 4 USB Pricing, Ordering Information and Ship Dates Announced

Ceton has informed us that the retail price of the InfiniTV 4 USB has been set to $299 which also happens to be the new retail price of the InfiniTV 4 PCIe-based card. Pre-orders start tomorrow from Cannon PC and Fluid Digital with general availability from Amazon, Micro Center, the Microsoft Store, Newegg, Velocity Micro and Zones to come late September. Shipping for pre-orders is expected to take place on September 19th.

KIRKLAND, WA — August 18, 2011 — Ceton Corporation today announced InfiniTV 4 USB, the company’s new, external CableCARD quad-tuner that turns virtually any style of Windows 7-based PC into an entertainment platform for television. InfiniTV 4 USB will be available for pre-order tomorrow, August 19, 2011, from Cannon PC and Fluid Digital at a suggested retail price of $299, with pre-orders expected to ship on September 19, 2011.  InfiniTV 4 USB will be available from the company’s other retailers — Amazon, Micro Center, the Microsoft Store, Newegg,  Velocity Micro and Zones – later in September at the same price.  Ceton also announced a reduction in suggested retail price for the company’s InfiniTV 4 PCI Express (PCIe) model to $299.

Ceton Corp.

Aug 15 2011

News - SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME General Availability Begins Labor Day Weekend

It appears SiliconDust HDHomeRun PRIME production is now in full swing with the announcement that general availability of the 3-tuner model (3CC) will begin Labor Day weekend at select online resellers and retail stores in addition to www.HDHomeRun.com. If you're looking to get your hands on the 6-tuner version (6CC), general availability will begin before Labor Day weekend. Fulfillment of all pre-orders will be performed before general availability of the products. It's probably safe to assume that Amazon will be one of those online resellers, but it will be interesting to see if the aggressive pricing that was posted near the end of June will still be in effect.

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