Oct 20 2011

Guide - Migrating the MythTV Database Between Installations

For years now I’ve been running the same Linux installation and the same MythTV installation on the same hardware.  From time to time I would upgrade the MythTV installation or the OS to the latest revision but it was always an upgrade from the previous and not a clean install.  However, earlier this summer I was faced with a hardware failure in my server.  All of the data was okay but I figured that as long as I had the system down I might as well bring it up-to-date as well (the setup had been stable for me for a couple of years now so I hadn’t touched it – it if ain’t broke, don’t fix it).  In the past, this would have involved some command line kung fu dumping the MySQL database and then restoring it on the other system.  Now days it is much easier.  

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