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Apr 13 2012

News - Boxee Box Sales at About 200,000 Units

I was a bit surprised when D-Link announced their new MovieNite media streamer the other day. After all, doesn't D-Link sell the Boxee Box? At $200, the Boxee Box is obviously targeted at a different market than the $50 MovieNite, but I would have expected D-Link to work with the Boxee team on producing a more limited version of the Boxee Box for introductory price points. However, a recent tweet from Boxee reveals one possible reason why D-Link may not have felt much incentive to build out the Boxee brand for new devices and markets. At the moment, Boxee is only reporting about 200,000 Boxee Box users. Undoubtedly some percentage of Boxee Box users are not going online and thus are not being included in Boxee's count of users, but it is unlikely that this constitutes a particularly large percentage, which means that D-Link and Boxee have only sold in the neighborhood of 200,000 Boxee Box units. The media streamer market has proven to be a tough nut to crack, but at 200,000 units, the Boxee Box is still going to be way down the list. Making the possible sales numbers even more disheartening is the acknowledgement that the defunct Boxee for PC software is evidently rocking 10 times as many users as the Boxee Box that the Boxee team has decided to concentrate all of its attention on.

The total number of Boxee Box users is around 200,000, according to a tweet sent out by the company Wednesday. The tweet also revealed that Boxee now has a total of 2 million users, if you include users of the discontinued PC client.


Jan 24 2012

News - Boxee Release Version 1.5

I saw the new UI that comes with 1.5 while at CES and found it to be a big improvement over previous revs. Besides that, the biggest feature "get" is probably support for live ATSC via the optional dongle, but those still having issues with HBR audio will have to wait however.

Full release notes on the click...

Jan 13 2012

News - Boxee Box - CES 2012

Boxee didn't have anything dramatic to show this year, but it was great to take a look at the new UI for 1.5, see the EPG, and watch some Live TV on it. It was also nice to raise the possibility of Copy-Freely Digital Cable Tuner support and PVR functionality with them. While clearly they weren't going to give up much about their plans, I left with the impression that we might see limited support for recording TV at some point in the future.

Jan 06 2012

News - Boxee Box Reviewed

Boxee BoxIf you were one of the folks disappointed to hear that Boxee has hit the end of the road on PCs and thinking that maybe it's time to consider moving to D-Link's Boxee Box, then a fresh review might be in order. The Boxee 1.5 update is still in limited beta for the Boxee Box, but even in its current form the Boxee Box is one of the more versatile media streamers on the market and there is the forthcoming Boxee Live TV add-on to look forward to. Plus, the remote is still pretty cool.

And don't forget to read our own review of the Boxee Box.

In theory and on paper the Boxee Box look great but the reality is that the software just isn't ready. Boxee INC. states that they are committed to do major updates twice a year with multiple small updates in between, so this is a device full of potential that will become very powerful once the issues are dealt with and the content is available.

Hardware Heaven

Nov 23 2011

News - Media Streamer Year in Review: Netgear NTV550, A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD2, and Boxee Box

There are more companies releasing media streamers each year and each year it gets harder to choose the perfect streamer. If you are taking advantage of this year's season of shopping to pick up a new media streamer, there are no end of reviews out there to help you in making your selection, not to mention our comparison guide to help you compare specs, but sometimes it helps to get feedback from a reviewer who can compare and contrast some of the more popular choices based on hands-on experience. The A.C. Ryan PlayOn!HD2 and the Netgear NTV550 are both fairly classic media streamer devices whereas the Boxee Box's PC roots show through in its constant stream of software updates. Each streamer has it it pros and cons and it's unfortunate that there doesn't seem to be a clear cut winner to make choosing a streamer easier. It really depends on what you need. Any opinions on which streamer should earn the nod?

Today, we will summarize the media streaming capabilities of some of the media streamers which vied for consumer attention over the last 1 year. Representing Sigma's platform is the Netgear NeoTV 550 (based on the SMP 8642). From the Realtek side, we have the A.C.Ryan PlayOn!HD2 based on the RTD 1185. In our original Boxee Box review, we had indicated that a second look would be coming soon. We will see whether firmware updates have improved the capabilities of the Boxee Box since we last looked at it.


Nov 22 2011

News - Boxee Box gets SlingPlayer App

Just on the heels of the SlingPlayer integration into Facebook, and addin to Google Chrome, Boxee Box is the latest recipient of the SlingPlayer application. Soon SlingPlayer will have apps to a many other connected devices but for now you can load up the SlingPlayer app on your Boxee box and get live streaming video.

This is an interesting aspect. Right now I use a SlingBox connected to a Linksys Media Center Extender to extend my Media Center experience to my iPad and smartphones. It allows me to stream my content from my Media Center setup to virtually anywhere I want. You can now do the same thing with the SlingPlayer in Boxee Box and essentially get live streaming tv built into it.

Sling first expanded its SlingPlayer app to Facebook and Chrome a few days ago, and now the company is extending those streams to the TV (without a dedicated SlingCatcher or mobile device TV-out) with apps for connected devices. Today the company announced the Boxee Box app would be first out of the gate, arriving ahead of the promised Google TV version we're also expecting. Interestingly, there does not appear to be a charge for the app (which runs $30 on mobiles and tablets), so if you have a Slingbox Solo or Pro-HD and one of the green and black media streamers all you have to do is download and press play. We'll give it a shot and let you know how it works, until then just press play on the demo video embedded above for a quick look.


Nov 09 2011

News - Boxee Box Getting Ready to Receive Live TV

The Boxee Box is going to be receiving a 1.5 update soon, and with it will come the option to add a USB TV tuner for over-the-air and unencrypted cable television broadcasts. From the sound of things, this new live TV functionality is going to be prominently positioned on the home screen and include some sort of social media integration. Until hardware is available, details are going to be limited. There's no word yet on what the guide data will look like. There's also no word yet on whether the Boxee Box will be picking up DVR capabilities, though it looks unlikely. Will adding live TV functionality make the Boxee Box the perfect cord cutter's device?

Boxee Box

However, the first glimpse at live TV on Boxee was nonetheless very revealing. A separate live TV entry in Boxee’s setup gives users the ability to enhance their experience “by sharing viewership data with friends.” Boxee has always been big on social and currently allows users to share their favorite videos both with other Boxee users as well as their Facebook friends and Twitter followers.


Aug 01 2011

News - SageTV Coming to Boxee Box

Many SageTV users are well aware of the skyrocketing eBay prices of the SageTV extenders after the company was purchased by Google and the extenders were pulled from retail. It seems SageTV extenders are about to get a second life in the form of the Boxee Box.

An unsanctioned effort by third-party developers is underway to bring SageTV front-end functionality to the Boxee Box in an application named SageBoxee. The software will still require a SageTV back-end server housing tuners and performing recording duties. It looks like this is a big victory for anyone anxiously bidding up SageTV HD300 extenders. It's too bad SageTV licenses can no longer be purchased.

If you're looking to get in on the development action, the repository is located here and you can join discussion regarding SageBoxee.

Boxee Box users will soon have a new way to access TV shows on the device of their choice: Third-party developers are currently working on a SageTV app for Boxee, which could bring DVR functionality to the media player. Talk about an unofficial SageTV Boxee app popped up this weekend on Boxee’s forums, and adventurous Boxee users can already install an early proof-of-concept version via a third-party repository.


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