Win a Fractal Design Core 3000 by Showing Off Your Case in Need

Oct 21 2011

Core 3000


As you all have noticed, we've been making a much more concerted effort to give some attention and focus to chassis for use in your home theater. But as we've learned in the past, the home theater is often one of the more neglected locations for financial investment. So Missing Remote is teaming up with our friends at Fractal Design (check out their Facebook page) to try to help you out, and are giving away a Core 3000 chassis!

We want to make sure whoever wins this chassis really needs it, so to enter is simple--reply to this thread and attach a picture of your case. We'll filter down to what we feel are the top 10 cases most in need of an upgrade, and then let the community decide the winner!

You have 30 days to enter, with the only restriction being that you must include a card or sign with your Missing Remote user name in the picture.



Entries will be accepted from 12:00AM PDT on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 through 11:59PM PDT on Monday, October 31, 2011 . Top 10 will be voted by November 5th, and subsequent poll will be submitted for public voting (1 vote per user) for time of 2 weeks.

  • This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents in one of the 50 states, Mexico and Canada. Sorry to our international readers, but we are looking into expanding our prize packages in the future.
  • Must be a registered user to be eligible to win
  • Editors and staff, and associated family of staff are not eligible to win
  • Each prize may have its own rules for eligibility established by Product Sponsors, please read the directions carefully
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail, as well as posted in a news post on the home page of; Failure to respond within 72 hours will result in a forfeit of prize and the prize will be re-drawn
  • Prize will be shipped to winners directly from Product Sponsor--tracking will still be provided to those as well. Please allow for 2-4 weeks for prize delivery.
  • Any attempt to circumvent contest rules will cause ineligibility for user
  • Submissions will be judged and narrowed down by Missing Remote editorial staff


As you can see from the pic, I need a new case, mine is falling apart, drive cover doors have broken off, etc.



Need one

I really, seriously could use this case!


Mr. "thewarm"

my aging case

Everyone who has posted PLEASE READ THE DIRECTIONS.  You need to include a card (or something similar) in the photo with your MR username on it.

Please remember that for your entries to be counted,

you must include a card or sign with your Missing Remote user name in the picture

This was a great case till I maxed out on HDDs, then the front cover stopped snapping back on.

Well the pic didn't show up Sad


Fixed it for you.


lol old 2000 Veteran idk how to post pix im a noob nvm

my veteran pc case 2000

I was going to use this for a server case, but then I realized it was missing a drive cage, a few drive bay covers, and some PCI slot covers. Oh, the empty Teflon tape roll being used as a foot is a nice touch as well.


SageTV got bought by Google before I could buy another HD300 and I got stuck using this leftover case from my brothers very first computer.  As you can see, he painted it all cammo so there is no way it is allowed in the home theater.  It is currently hiding as it is so hideous and the wiring from it is passing through the wall.



I hardly every win anything in my life. But.. I'm a new member here it goes.

*I accidentally bought a Slim-Case Tower Dell Desktop PC several years ago. I thought it was a mid-tower, but when I received it, I realized I f*cked up and it was slim! I called my friend Adrian and asked him what to do, and we ended up bending the shi+ out of the metal in back of the tower, so I could fit my x1950 pro in 2.0 x16 slot there. For the entire duration that I have had this computer, I couldn't even put the side of my case back on. The x1950 pro sticks out about 2 inches too far on the side...So if anyone else has no side panel and some f'ed up metal in the back of their tower then PROPS to you lol!

What I promise -- If I get this new case I will care for it like if I had a child. I'm planning on getting an i5 2500K and SLI 560 TI's later this month for BF3. I need this!!

Thanks guys,

-James Doyle





Good luck everyone!  I'm loving all the submissions!  I don't like voting contests, which in most cases, they end up like popularity contests.  The one to get the most friends to vote for his or her case wins.  


omegadoom13 wrote:

Good luck everyone!  I'm loving all the submissions!  I don't like voting contests, which in most cases, they end up like popularity contests.  The one to get the most friends to vote for his or her case wins.  

Well, we had faith that we'd get enough submissions to the point where anyone who makes it to the final voting group will most likely be deserving Smile plus, we track IPs, so not like someone can create 100 user accounts and vote for themselves

Ask me about my temps.

Edit: Really though, I would love to win this case. I had to move cross country about 3 months ago and my old (and pretty bad) case just didn't make the list for the flight.

Is that a milk crate?

Why yes. Yes it is.

Brilliant Smile

I thought so too. The most ridiculous part is that I have cooler temps with the crate than my old case.

Woody Case, ran out of money for real case. HDD and CD Drive just lay on desk... they and the rest of the components are looking for a new Home. Please help them!!!

Hi guys and girls, my current case is the Antec NSK3480. 

Unfortunately, I decided to upgrade the GPU to a 9600GSO and I ran into a problem. The fan of the GPU actually touches the HDD installed at the bottom and couldn't spin. Because of that, I had to put a wooden stick to push the GPU upwards so that the fan would work properly. It's an "okay" work-around, but even then the fan has very little space to breathe. I would love to have a more elegant solution, i.e. a larger case!

I initially bought the case because I liked its minimalistic and sober design and I figured it was good enough for a system with an IGP. Now, I realize how unfriendly it is to dual-slot video cards. I regret getting this case! Vote for me and help a fellow student out!

Bought this garish case with mobo, core2duo 6300 and 2 gig ram 2 years ago to be finished as a gaming rig for son. Then got him a gaming laptop, so this has sat in shipping box.

The mobo is floating around loose, the front door is broken off the case, and power ribbon cable to it snapped. Who knows if the cpu or ram are any good in this atrocity. I have no idea what the 2 stainless screws on table go to, they just fell out as I put the case down to take pic.

I'd like to take out the guts and build a media server with them, but of course, need a case.

The SATA plug covers the letter 'O' in my user name.

I just built my first HTPC and as you can see I need a case in the worst way.

This is a very old HTPC case with a new motherboard.  

As you can see from the picture a second power supply outside the case is actually powering the Motherboard.  I bought a new small aftermarket power supply for this case after the original died.  As it turns out the new one is louder than the original and worse it causes the analog sound output to have a high pitched noise. (Can't be good, grounding???)  

Hard drive location fits two drives but has no ventilation and will eat hard drives if you install more than one.

Can't get the DVD drive to fit in straight. (Never has)

It's time has come and gone.  I need a new one.
I would never buy such a small case again.  Quietly cooling a small case is a hassle.  
Also: only a standard Power Supply slot from now on.   


So... Was a winner ever decided?

murphmaster01 wrote:

So... Was a winner ever decided?

Vote here for the winner.

Thanks much. Guess I missed it.

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