Oops, I did it again!

Mar 16 2009

Sometimes I can't just leave good enough alone.  Let's see...  It's been a month since my last blog post, and a month and a half since my last issue...  So this time I had to be pretty creative in order to break things. 

As some of you know, my HD server/development system died on me a little while ago.  Around the same time, I revived my old frontend, thanks to Autoboy.  This time around I decided to throw in a bunch of hard drives that I had sitting around, throw in my HD tuner from the dead server and rebuild a dual boot system that can be used to play with new hardware as the options arise, as well as run Mythtv under Linux.  On the Linux side of things I am in the process of building a development Mythtv server that is intended to allow me to test out new features without killing the production Mythtv setup.

After getting things setup over the course of a couple of days I was finally ready to turn things on.  This time around I used Fedora 10 to base the build off of.  This release of Fedora included all of the drivers needed for my HD tuner, which meant that as soon as Mythtv was finished installing I was able to see it in the mythtv-setup tool.  A quick spin through the configuration and everything was setup and ready to go.  The tuner was found, the channels scanned quickly, and everything seemed to be working great.

So what's the problem you may ask?  Well, shortly after I finished working with my development system, I decided to take some time to relax with my wife and catch up on a few shows.  So we turn on the tv, everything is going well until...  "Please select the program filter" or something to that effect (I've never seen this before).  I click all programs, intending to have the full list that I usually see, and then "Unable to connect to the backend".  Aaaahhhhhh!  For whatever reason though, my Windows systems running MythtvPlayer are able to connect just fine.  So I did a little more testing with my master server and with my development system, and neither of those systems could connect to the master backend either...  The next thing to try was to restart the backend application as well as the mysql server, and now I am unable to get the frontend to run at all...  And yet, my windows clients are still working just fine.

I have to say that I'm at a loss right now on this one...  I have not yet tried fully restarting the backend system yet because I can never catch it at a time that it is not recording something.  The other thing that I need to do is go through some log files and see if there is any useful information.

I have to say that up until now Mythtv has been rock solid for me.  I should really just keep my hands off of it and let it do its thing.  I guess this is a lesson learned.  Once I get everything up and running again, maybe that's what I'll do.  Or not! Smile

If you have any thoughts for me or would just like to share in my misery (or gloat if you'd like), feel free to share your thoughts in the forums!

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