Mystery Stash of SageTV HD300s Located and Going to be Sold @ $150

Jul 03 2013

If you're trying to squeeze a bit more life out of your SageTV install this could be just the news you're looking for. Don't wait too long though, I'm sure this stash will sell out quickly.

Howdy all.

It is my pleasure to inform you that there will be a limited quantity of HD300s that will go on sale soon. Specifically, a few hundred of them.

These were extra units that the manufacturer produced a few years back when we were ordering them for SageTV. I was very pleasantly surprised to hear this news from them. These are all brand new in the box, complete units.

The way this is being handled is a friend of mine is doing all the work relating to acquiring and selling these units. We have agreed that they must be sold at the original retail price of $150 (plus shipping).


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WOOHOO... I got 2 reserved from this sale.

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