Mikinho CES 2011 Checklist

Jan 07 2011

While this is not my first time in Vegas, it is my first time attending CES. I really don't know what to expect. What do I bring? How do I act? Do I resist the urge to gamble all day and night? What if I follow in Jeremy's footsteps and lose my wallet? As sad as this may sound to some, this will be my first trip without my beautiful wife (who spoils me rotten) since before our wedding. I'm without my better half--the normal half.

I envision myself in that episode of Malcom in the Middle where the mom leaves Hal alone with the younger boys for a few days for the first time while she takes care of their elder son Francis. Will I digress? Where will I find killer bees? I know I will be among fellow tech geeks but do I let my inner geek run rampant? What the hell does that even mean?

Left with too many pointless questions without answers I find comfort in another beer and making a checklist of what to bring.

  • Laptop - Dell Inspiron Duo - Fast enough, perfect size for traveling and morphs into a tablet. Review as a kitchen HTPC coming soon.

  • Apple iPad - Why do I need an iPad if I'm bringing a laptop...I don't. As "cool" as the iPad is I rarely use it so I felt i had to bring it to justify the purchase. Maybe I'll watch a movie on the flight?

  • Fully charged phone - Apple iPhone 3G - I need a new phone but even with the great feedback from readers I couldn't decide on what phone to get next. I want a WP7 and the Samsung Focus in particular looks great but every time I went to the AT&T store I felt like I would have buyer's remorse by not waiting. Damn you limited upgrade eligibility pricing! Why couldn't I have gotten a developent phone? Now I have to worry about finding a place to charge my phone otherwise it won't make it past lunch time. Sad

  • Bluetooth Headset - Jawbone Icon - I dislike talking on phones. I actually dislike phones in general. But if I have to talk then a Bluetooth headset is the way to go. The Jawbone Icon has not disappointed, clear calls, plays music, good battery life, comfortable and I don't look like that much of a douche while wearing it.

  • Headphones - Thinksound Rain - I love my Sennheisser headphones but I needed something that will fit in my pocket. After going through my third pair of Shure earphones I discovered Thinksound. For the price they sound great, look nice and are comfortable to wear. I have them in Silver Cherry and can highly recommend them as an affordable step up from your $25 earbuds.

  • Portable Media Player - Sadly I'm without a dedicated device. I was hoping Santa would bring me a Zune HD this year. I'm stuck with my iPhone which wouldn't be so bad other than it means recharging every two hours instead of four.

  • e-Book Reader - Amazon Kindle - The original e-ink reader and still the champ. To be honest I don't know whether it was the original or not but might as well have been. I remember playing with a few Sony readers prior to the Kindle but they were worthless at the time. The Kindle is actually my wife's, hopefully she won't notice I "stole" it until after I leave. For those wondering why bring a Kindle when I have an iPad...you must not own both. I don't mind reading comics or magazines on the iPad but prolonged "book" reading strains my eyes. The Kindle does not.

  • Camera - Nikon L110 - I'm borrowing my daughter's camera. She has a better camera and phone than I do, how is that fair? Dear Santa, I would like a DLSR for Christmas. Any recommendations from readers? My primary usage would be for reviews. My wife would also love to get into landscape photography.

  • Random assortment of memory sticks and flash drives.

I'm certain I've packed more electronics than clothes. I'm not quite at Neil Stephenson's gargolye level but I'm not too far off either. Is this a realistic representation of Missing Remote readers? I hope so.

I have a number of meetings lined up with great companies so if you have any questions please ask in the comments below and I'll try to get them answered while at CES.

(btw, I apologize, I'm running late so no photos yet and possible typos.  I'll update when possible.)


iPhone tip to maximize battery that I got from a presenter at another conference:

  • Turn off 3G. You don't needed it, and if you do, turn it on for a bit. And if you wander out of range, the phone spends a lot of battery trying to aquire a signal. You'll also be surprised how usable apps are on Edge.
  • Turn of WiFi. Turn it on when you need it.
  • Turn of Bluetooth, unless you go with your aforementioned headset
  • Consider turning off automatic mail checking.  
  • Turn the brightness down as far as you can tollerate.

Following this protocol, I was able to wander SXSW and my phone would easily last most of the day and into the night.



Can you find out if there are any "Media Center Extenders" on the horizon? Any?


CFC wrote:


Can you find out if there are any "Media Center Extenders" on the horizon? Any?


I can already answer that, there won't be. I think the one thing that announcement of the Win7 Embedded devices showed is that Microsoft is changing gears on their client-server model. That's probably also why you see so many more media components being embedded in Xbox 360's dashboard.

RemoteFX I assume?

CFC wrote:

RemoteFX I assume?

No. As cool as RemoteFx, and it is very very cool, the initial design of RemoteFx is geared towards companies and professional use to lower client hardware costs.  It has a high cost for consumers on the server requirements.  I'll be using it in a few scenarios but it will be niche even within the HTPC niche.

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