LG Optimus V Android Smart Phone

Jan 28 2011

I realize this is only loosely related to home theater, but I picked up the just released LG Optimus V smart phone for Virgin Mobile. This isn't the best spec'd or sexiest phone out there, but it packs a lot of value for $149.

Even better to me is that there is no contract and I can choose a plan that suits my usage. I started with Virgin Mobile's $25 per month Beyond Talk plan which gives 300 voice minutes with unlimited data, messaging, e-mail and web with no extra fees. If you're not familiar with Virgin Mobile, the service uses Sprint's 3G and voice network. I briefly ran a speed test over 3G and downloaded at 715 kbps.

The main details of the phone are that it runs Android 2.2 with a 3.2MP camera/camcorder, 3.2" HVGA touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. It comes with 2GB of MicroSD storage that can be upgraded as high as 32GB.

So, now that I've got an Android phone, give me your Android app picks. Are you using your Android phone in conjunction with your home theater or home theater PC?

Here are some examples of showing how flexible Android can be.


Now you just have to root it. Then you can get the free usb tethering, wireless hotspot if your phone is capable, bettery battery life, overclocking.... 

And don't forget to download Angry Birds.

I just bought this yesterday so I haven't had an opportunity to root, but USB tether does work without rooting.

That is a pretty good deal if they give that for free. Sprint wants 20 -30 bucks for it on the EVO. I can understand a hotspot charge but not USB tethering when you are paying for the everything plan.

I just downloaded the PDAnet app from the marketplace and enabled USB debugging on the phone. On the PC side, there's a driver to install from PDAnet author and then the phone comes up as a modem in the Windows 7 network connections.

I got the wife the Optimus S for Sprint and it is a great value.  There are tradeoffs (screen size, build quality, camera), but the fact that it's cheap and not laggy will at least get my wife into the smartphone world and help me convince her to get a better phone next time around.

The problem with pdanet or the free version is that it won't let you go to HTTPS sites, or atleast it didn't let you in the past. So going to my bank or gmail had to be done on the phone. My wife has the Optimus S since it was a free upgrade and even though the free promotion expired I told my step mother to get it this week also instead of waiting since it was either get it now or pay 10 bucks more per month starting in February when Sprint's new pricing starts.

Good point. I downloaded the Quick Settings app which exposes hidden config options including wireless tether in 2.2. It works perfectly with no root access. 1.08mbps down/390kbps up. No https restriction.

swoon wrote:

Good point. I downloaded the Quick Settings app which exposes hidden config options including wireless tether in 2.2. It works perfectly with no root access. 1.08mbps down/390kbps up. No https restriction.

Aaron, I purchase the LG Optimus last week and downloaded both the "PDAnet" and the "quick settings" app  and everything works great.  Thanks for the write-up. I'm looking forward to trying a few HTPC apps.

Great. I posted some new pics so you can see how I have tailored the phone to something I like better than the out-of-box experience.

FWIW, I haven't managed to find any home theater apps that satisfy me so I may have to work on my own.

Thanks for the writeup... i used to be a big $$$ phone user with $$$ plans.  But I went to China for a month and used a simple gsm phone over there and realized i could get by just fine without all the post-pay plan stuff.  I have actually been using Cricket for close to a year and it has its limits but I saved so much over the past months, its worth it.  That price is in my range and I may switch to VM to step up to Android...and the new Win7MC app you guys just wrote about makes it even more relavant.  I ditto the question.  What apps you guys using for Android, especially htpc-related.  Thanks.

I tinkered with Gmote and will check out the Arcsoft TMT app eventually but other than that I prefer my logitech remote when in MC and my MS wireless keyboard with thumbstick for working in Windows.

Whatever happened to sideshow...

Integration is coming...which is a good thing, IMO..so sharing thoughts and experiences about these smart phones is OK in my opinion.

Thanks for taking the time to post this.  Asking folks to share quality Android/iPhone apps is good too.

My 2 cents....

Not HTPC related but my favorite app for android is Google Sky map.  It brings out my inner geek.  http://www.google.com/mobile/skymap/

LG really did some work in launching this model because it was not an easy task to have different important things in your single mobile phone. It's for sure that these days it is no big deal but what about 4 - 5 years back? Now everyone is going for latest androids tablest  games and applications from time to time to check out the updates and avialability.

Thanks for sharing.

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