InfiniTV on Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Mar 14 2012

Have a Ceton InfiniTV? Testing Windows 8 Consumer Preview? Check out the new Ceton blog post InfiniTV on Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Don't have a Ceton InfiniTV? Buy one from our Amazon store via Smile

Disclaimer: I think most know this already but I work for Ceton and this is a shameless plug. But hopefully it is still helpful to any brave enthusiast willing to risk death threats (it happens, I know) from their significant other by using a "Consumer Preview".


keep up the good work, just installed third card in my server, yes you are right it doest want to install a network tuner on a VM, better yet i havent forced it too.  lol

Are there plans to get the Network tuners working in Win8CP or is Ceton going to hold off untill RTM?

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