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Feb 03 2011







GlideTV Navigator

 Up next in our contest giveaways we have, courtesy of the generous folks at GlideTV, the GlideTV Navigator. If this sounds familiar, well it should be for you loyal readers! We reviewed this awesome little guy a while ago yet it still stands quite alone in its class. 

Per our review:

Finally, you can actually use the device right away without having to install a single thing. The remote works off of universal control device shortcuts for a lot of the tasks which makes using it a snap. I found myself switching between my laptop and my HTPC during some of my testing as I had a variety of online content on the laptop but didn't feel like holding it.

GlideTV Navigator

GlideTV has continued to evolve their software, and it is significantly improved versus what was in the review, but the product itself still rocks!


The easiest and ONLY ONE MANDATORY REQUIREMENT TO ENTER is to respond to this post and answer the following: What keyboard do you use with your HTPC (if any)?

That's all that's required; respond with the answer to the above and you'll be entered into the giveaway!

You are also able receive more than one chance to win, using Facebook and Twitter. The more entries you have, the greater your odds of winning!!!

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    • Don't forget your username!!!

Good luck everyone Smile


Entries will be accepted from 12:01AM PDT on Thursday, February 3, 2011 through 11:59PM PDT on Tuesday, February 8, 2011 . Winner will be selected by February 10, 2011.

  • This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents in one of the 50 states. Sorry to our international readers, but we are looking into expanding our prize packages in the future.
  • You are only allowed to enter using each method once. Multiple entries will disqualify you.
  • Must be a registered user to be eligible to win (remember, if you are entering additional entries when applicable via Twitter/Facebook you must mention your MissingRemote username in that entry)
  • Editors and staff, and associated family of staff are not eligible to win
  • Each prize may have its own rules for eligibility established by Product Sponsors, please read the directions carefully
  • Users may reply to a thread as many times as desired, but only one post will be counted towards the drawing
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail, as well as posted in a news post on the home page of; Failure to respond within 72 hours will result in a forfeit of prize and the prize will be re-drawn
  • Most prizes will be shipped to winners via either USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Ground and tracking numbers will be provided. It is the recipient's responsibility to coordinate receipt of item.
  • Some prizes will be shipped to winners directly from Product Sponsor--tracking will still be provided to those as well
  • Prize packages are in excellent condition and have not been used outside of for review purposes and are delivered in AS-IS condition
  • Any attempt to circumvent contest rules will cause ineligibility for user


I use two different keyboards, if I'm close to the HTPC I use a Logitech Wireless Keyboard K340 but if I'm far away I'll use my VisionTek Candyboard.

Kinda weird looking, but I think I kinda like it... Gimme one, Mike!! Sealed

Almost forgot - I use a Saitek Eclipse II atm stolen from my desktop. I have a Zippy RF-636 on order though!

i use a palm blue-tooth foldable keyboard i got for like 10 bucks

Logitech Dinovo Mini

Currently using a Logitech Harmony remote with mythtv (LinHES). Only use a keyboard for initial setup, cheap usb keyboard that came with my Acer Revo R1600.

Just a simple USB keyboard.


an nMedia, i think its the MCEKB but i am not sure. its been solid for me, good battery life, decent key recognition, though it is a little big.

I'm currently using a Logitech EX100 keyboard and mouse combo. I picked it up on the cheap for setup and occasional maintenance.



I mainly use a Logitech Haromey One remote. For set-up when I do need a keyboard I use a Gryration.



I use a Microsoft IR Keyboard.

I use the old Microsoft Media Center Keyboard.

I use a RF Iogear keyboard with trackball mouse and click-able scroll wheel. It was also reviewed on here quite some time ago.

Mostly, I just use a Harmony Remote, and I very seldom use a keyboard.  Occassionally, I use an attached and cheapo no-name Wireless Keyboard, only when necessary or when updating.

The GlideTV Navigator looks awesome.

Microsoft Remote Keyboard for Windows XP Media Center Edition

Logitech diNovo Edge

Don't use a keyboard unless I absolutely have to, my remote should handle it all.  If I have to I use a logitech wireless one. 

I use a Brando Wireless Keyboard

I use the Brando bluetooth keyboard. (Now also being sold under the Ultra brand name at TigerDirect.)

I rarely use my Windows Media Center Keyboard the rest of the time I use my Logitech 670. I know I use it a lot because the remote has almost change entirely to black from its original grey paint.

Use my old Firefly remote for media and microsoft keyboard when I need to do some serious work.

I use a wired USB keyboard for setup and maintainance.

I use the Vidabox Wireless Keyboard that I one over at!

I use a razer lycosa.

mini dinovo & harmony 900

I use the Logitech DiNovo Mini when a keyboard is needed.

I use a Logitech USB keyboard.

Logitech Mediaboard for PS3 ( Bluetooth).   Had it for the PS3, needed it for the HTPC.

I'm currently using a Logitech EX100 keyboard and mouse combo

Adesso WKB-3200UB

I use the Windows On-Screen Keyboard.

I use a Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard 1.1

It is big and bulky.  I wish I had a small remote sized qwerty KB with air mouse built it.  Anybody know where to find some think like that?

Gyration GYR4101CKUS Air Music Remote with Compact Keyboard

Remote and Keyboard are RF based. Remote has a built in cursor control which is Very Handy!

I use a Gyration keyboard and mouse, although the battery life is becoming abysmal on the rechargeable mouse :/

Logitech Dinovo Mini


HP wireless keyboard and mouse set that came with my friend's computer.

Vidabox wireless keyboard.

Asus Eee wireless mouse/keyboard combo

None.  VNC in from a laptop when I need to control it that way.

Dell keyboard

use an old Logitech Bluetooth when needed, but usually none.

Hello, I use an IOGear GKM561R wireless kb/trackball combo.



Microsoft Media Center Keyboard.


Mostly an Apple Keyboard stolen off of a old G5.


I use Logitech wireless keyboard K320. Good Luck Everyone. 

I'm currently using an old Gateway usb keyboard with a 10 foot extension (sad, I know) intention is to buy something with an integrated trackpad on the next paycheck Smile

diNovo mini from Logitech, but it's not very accurate. I'd love to try this GlideTV Nav!

Using the HP media keyboard

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