Getting Started

Jun 07 2007

As switches gears to more of a community orientated site, I will be spending more of my time writing articles, reviews, guides, and of course blog posts. No time like the present to start :).

I recently picked up and moved from the sunny desert of California to the great state of Montana. Besides the job opportunity that took me north, it was a good chance to move to a place with a lower crime rate and much cleaner air. As well, this will afford my family the opportunity to get out camping and enjoy the great outdoors. 

My first project moving into the new was to get phone and internet active. This is what is known as low hanging fruit in persuit of the ultimate WAF. I am just about finished up with this first portion of the project and will follow up with a writeup this weekend.

Sure, the first part of this project is a bit of a snore. However, the first writeup will be a part of a very lengthy series that details transforming my house into a digital center. I expect this project to last three plus years (think saving for a nice front projector and speakers :).

Of course along the way, I will be doing plugin reviews, software reviews, hardware reviews and a bunch of other stuff to keep chuggin along. :). Thank you for visiting and enjoy the ride :). (Below is To-Do list that I have planned in no particular order)

  1. Finish home networking and phones
  2. Configure test bench
  3. Configure production/gaming machine (upgrade planned)
  4. Build new CableCard HTPC
  5. Install new HTPC in family room
  6. Install/build client HTPCs/TVs (3)
  7. Install and configure basic HA
  8. Configure WHS server for PC backup
  9. Configure WHS for DVD/Music streaming
  10. Bunch of other little things :). Like out door speakers, fold down LCD in kitchen, roof speakers upstairs.
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