Contest #11 - Amulet Devices Voice Remote Control

Dec 10 2010


Congratulations to sturner151 who was selected as the winner of the Arcsoft Total Media Theatre Platinum!

Amulet Devices Remote

The prizes will keep coming and continue to get better believe it or not. For our 11th giveaway, we have courtesy of the fine folks at Amulet Devices, their Voice Enabled Remote Control for Windows Media Center!

With an MSRP of $199 (formerly $249) and continuing to have their software improved, Amulet Devices have developed the best way to control your Windows Media Center HTPC--simply pick up the remote, speak the command and voila!

We took an in-depth look at the Amulet Devices Remote Control and really loved how easy it was to use.

In exchange of extreme universal devices functionality and a touch screen Amulet provide you instead with voice controls to help you navigate--basically what touch screen buttons would do anyways. The big key here is whether the programmable buttons on the Amulet device are sufficient for your needs. In my case my setup was simple--a TV, AVR, HTPC and Xbox360...the Amulet will more than satisfy the universal needs while also providing me the ever crowd pleasing voice commands. Honestly, I could even see music aficionado opting to own both a universal remote like the Harmony and purchasing the Amulet if only for its dominance with managing music libraries. 



The easiest and ONLY ONE MANDATORY REQUIREMENT TO ENTER is to respond to this post with an answer to: What would you say to your Media Center if you could (keep it clean!)?

That's it, just responding with the answer above will enter you in the contest!!

For this prize, we'll also allow 2 more entries (Optional) via Facebook and Twitter.

  • For Twitter:
  • For Facebook:
    • Visit our Facebook Fan Page and click the "Like MissingRemote" button at the top of the fan page
    • And reply to the question
    • Don't forget your username!!!

Good luck everyone Smile


As mentioned above, each user is eligible for up to 3 entries into this contest. Every prize will have its own prize definitions, so make sure to check the rules!

Entries will be accepted from 12:01PM PDT on Friday, December 10, 2010 through 11:59AM PDT on Monday, December 13, 2010. Winner will be selected by December 20, 2010.

  • This contest is unfortunately only available to US residents in one of the 50 states. Sorry to our international readers, but we are looking into expanding our prize packages in the future.
  • You are only allowed to enter using each method once. Multiple entries will disqualify you.
  • Must be a registered user to be eligible to win (remember, if you are entering additional entries when applicable via Twitter/Facebook you must mention your MissingRemote username in that entry)
  • Editors and staff, and associated family of staff are not eligible to win
  • Each prize may have its own rules for eligibility established by Product Sponsors, please read the directions carefully
  • Users may reply to a thread as many times as desired, but only one post will be counted towards the drawing
  • Winners will be notified via e-mail, as well as posted in a news post on the home page of; Failure to respond within 72 hours will result in a forfeit of prize and the prize will be re-drawn
  • Most prizes will be shipped to winners via either USPS Priority Mail or Fedex Ground and tracking numbers will be provided. It is the recipient's responsibility to coordinate receipt of item.
  • Some prizes will be shipped to winners directly from Product Sponsor--tracking will still be provided to those as well
  • Prize packages are in excellent condition and have not been used outside of for review purposes and are delivered in AS-IS condition
  • Any attempt to circumvent contest rules will cause ineligibility for user


   My voice is my passport. Verify me.

I'm obviously not eligible but wanted to mention how cool I think this remote is.

Since we last reviewed the Amulet the IR learned has been fixed so it can be used to control a few more things.  It is learning only though, no predefined codes.

Play video, "Your Mom" (and it plays a commercial for an old 386) - Bazinga

Do what I built you to do, and do it right! 


(I actually wanted to say something a lot different, but you said keep it clean.)

Start holo-deck application now.

Do what I tell you....  Not her!!

I want it now and I want if fast!

How does it feel to be the red headed step child?

(Xbox 360 is the favorite child.  It gets all the cool updates and can act as an extender.)

I wish you'd look better but I love you anyway.

When will you be ready for the general public?

Oh baby, I love you so much . . . buy why do you hurt me so??

"You take care of me and I'll take care of you."

Hello computer. Initiate visualization sequence.

What is the meaning of life?  Hopefully it will answer 42

I'm just looking for one more reason to replace you with a newer, faster and prettier model.  Go ahead....make my day.

Media Center, why do you only crash when I have guests over?

Why? why?

Media Center, why can't I watch ABC on you?

Why thank you computer, I obviously didn't want to watch the last 5 minutes of that show.

"enough with the two and half men repeats already..."



Don't listen to what she calls you, I still love you.

Sometimes I watch you sleep.

I'm sorry your parents abandoned you...

Check out the tuner on that guy!

Just play the movie already!

Only a few more upgrades and you'll be perfect...

here the boss comes. 

I'm waiting......

Please don't do this to me again...


What would you say to your Media Center if you could (keep it clean!)?


Why do you have that darned Media Foundation!?  I want to use my own codecs for TV support!

Please TRY not to embarrass me again tonight.

Kinect me to my PC...

I'm not eligible, but I'd love to do this one:

"Let's play global thermonuclear war."

Media center... if you cut out during another recording i'm going to hang you off a balcony by your power cord.


Its my turn now.

 twitter user name : @me_mystery

Media Center now i can control you from my couch.twitter id is @Neroraptor

I would tell my media center to fix itself for a change. Wink

I will will say to my media center  that 'watch me now!!' twitter id --> @Kismetconnect

Set sleep timer for 30 minutes!

Dear Media Center,

All I want for Christmas is live placeshifting... on my phone.

What did my upstairs xbox do to you so that you will not let it connect to you anymore?  You used to connect all the time and still let the downstairs xbox connect so why not the upstairs one?  Did it hurt your feelings?  Did it connect in a way that made you uncomfortable? Why?

Just work.

Please work...

Please work...

Kit, talk to me

Don't pay any attention to any flags, you can record anything you want.



shut up and do it!

Stop studdering!!

HAL, I won't argue with you anymore. Open the doors.

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