Nov 05 2015

News - BBC Store Opens for Business

From a retail and content perspective there aren't many time those living in the UK can legitimately claim a first. This, however, is one of those times with the BBC opening up 7,000 hours of material and more planned, including some controversial programs, for sale to UK residents. Ha Ha Wink

Jan 31 2012

News - Sky Anytime+ Extends Reach, Adds iPlayer and ITV Player

Sky Anytime+

Sky has unleashed a torrent of announcements for fans of streaming media in the UK. First up, the company is expanding the availability of their Sky Anytime+ VOD service to all Sky+HD subscribers. The service had previously only been available to Sky Broadband subscribers, but the expansion of the service means that Anytime+ will be available to Sky+HD subscribers regardless of their broadband provider. Sky is also announcing that it has secured new deals with ITV and the BBC that will add the ITV Player and iPlayer to Anytime+ and expand not only the archive content that Sky already had access to, but also provide access to catch-up programming. Now if Sky could just figure out a way to make Anytime+ available on my side of the pond.

It was previously open only to customers who also hitched to Sky Broadband, but that restriction's being gently relaxed: opening it up to all five million Sky+HD box owners. It's also somehow sweet-talked deadly rivals BBC and ITV into letting their offerings onto the platform -- with ITV Player arriving tomorrow and iPlayer slated for arrival later in the year.


Dec 21 2011

News - Netflix Signs BBC for UK and Ireland Launch

Netflix in the UK

It has been a while since Netflix announced that they were going to be launching in the UK and Ireland in early 2012, an announcement that Netflix followed up with a spate of exclusive deals with a variety of studios in hopes of getting a leg up against the entrenched LOVEFiLM service. Today, Netflix announced that they have made a deal with the BBC as well, though this will not be an exclusive deal. The deal will give Netflix access to a treasure trove of classic BBC series including Doctor Who, Fawlty Towers, and Top Gear. I do have to wonder if it rubs some salt in the wound that US-based Netflix can swoop in and offer up the BBC's back catalog, but the BBC's own iPlayer cannot.

Classic episodes of "Fawlty Towers" and "Miss Marple" are just a few of the titles that will be available to Netflix customers in the United Kingdom andIrelandthanks to a new licensing pact with BBC Worldwide.


Dec 06 2011

News - BBC Global iPlayer Arrives in Canada, Taunts American Anglophiles

BBC Global iPlayer

Canadian iPad owners interested in plumbing the depths of the BBC's archives have a new option. The BBC global iPlayer app is now available in Canada for folks willing to pay $9 a month or $84.99 a year, though no word on a US release. Although only available on the iPad at the moment, the global iPlayer app is expected to make its way to the rest of the iOS products in the near future. I was a bit surprised to hear how the global app differs from the app in the UK. It seems like the folks in the UK would have unfettered access to BBC content new and old, not be the only ones restricted to recent shows.

“We’re proud to be building on the successful launch of this app by introducing it to Canada,” said Jana Bennett, the president of worldwide networks and global iPlayer at BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC. “It will open up the opportunity for a whole new audience to enjoy the best moments from seventy years of brilliant BBC programmes, wherever and whenever they want.”


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