Mar 03 2017

News - ASUS launches AMD AM4 motherboards

AMD IS BACK! With so much positive buzz about Ryzen, it's worth covering the company again (sorry AMD...). With that it's great to see boards from ASUS supporting the platform; even if they are more "performace" oriented than I'd use in a HTPC. Hopefully we'll see some of those soon as well.

Feb 17 2017

News - AMD Ryzen benchmarks looking good

Leaked benchmarks of AMD's upcoming Ryzen CPU look very promising.

Dec 14 2016

News - Pinch me. AMD releasing Ryzen CPU, could be competative on more than just price

I'll admit it. I was a hardcore AMD fanboi back in the day. K7 was awesome, and the subsequent stream of related CPUs gave Intel a proper foil on the performance, and value, fronts. But, somewhere along the way AMD got lost in the wilderness... Perhaps too distracted by their attempts to ingest ATI into the fold... Although... I guess it doesn't really matter why, with the gist being that if we're honest, it's been quite a while since one could purchase an AMD CPU for any reason that didn't lean very heavily on the value argument.

Excitingly, that could be changing with Ryzen though. From what I've seen from the PR and initial analysis (so let's keep the enthusiasm tamped down for now) on the interwebs they could actually be turning that around.  Releasing a competitive 8C/16T 100W CPU on a modern platform; supporting NVMe, USB3.1 Gen2, PCIe Gen3, and DDR4. Come Q1, might be time to start cross shopping again.

Dec 08 2015

News - AMD outlines future GPU tech for AnandTech

There is a ton of great information around AMD's future plans for 10-bit, Rec. 2020, and many other things in the AnandTech write-up, but two items stood out for me: HDR and HDMI 2.0a support in 2016 GPUs. Huzzah!

Nov 25 2015

News - PSA: AMD Has Retired All Pre-GCN GPUs

If you've been holding on to an older pre-Graphics Core Next (GCN) GPU, AMD has finally EOL'd driver support for these chips. It's a bit difficult to determine just from the name of the GPU which set have been put out to pasture due to AMD's bizarre moniker recycling scheme, but the gist of it is that if your card is more than three years old, you're out in the cold. AT has a bit more detail on the breakdown...

Nov 19 2015

News - AnandTech Reviews AMD A8-7670K APU

AMD has struggled mightly over the last few years to define a niche where they could be profitable and sell CPU+GPU (aka APU or IPG depending on your preference) at the same time. This "Godvarai" based APU (AMD's term) runs $118, so in the middle of AMD's Kaveri lineup.

Nov 10 2015

News - Mad Shrimps Reviews QNAP TS-563 5-bay NAS

I don't think I've ever seen an AMD based NAS before, but this guy looks like a beast and not terrible money for what you get. Well worth a read.

Oct 23 2012

News - Noctua announces NH-L9 low profile HSF for LGA1155 and FM1/2 IPG

Noctua NH-L9

Finding a good low profile heat sink and fan (HSF) that isn't also incredibly wide is a lot harder than it should be, especially for AMD's FM1/2 socket. Fortunately this will be much easier now that Noctua has announced its NH-L9 HSF for that platform (NH-L9a) and Intel's LGA 1155 socket (NH-L9i). It's hard not to like Noctua's cooling solutions, but they can be a bit pricey for a budget build and at ~$50 the NH-L9 is no exception.

Full PR and links to more pictures after the click.

Sep 30 2012

News - AMD Trinity for the HTPC Previewed

AMD A10AMD's latest processors, the desktop version of their Trinity processors, will be released next month, but the company recently decided to allow the press to offer up "previews" of certain aspects of the new chips' performance ahead of the lifting of the official embargo in October. The move has been met with some controversy as the previews may not offer a complete picture of Trinity's performance, but for anyone interested in gaining some insight to how Trinity might work out for HTPCs, our friends at Anandtech have put together an HTPC-specific evaluation of the forthcoming AMD A10-5800K. Running at 3.8GHz and packing an integrated Radeon HD 7660D GPU, the A10-5800K and its 100W TDP are probably overkill as far as most HTPC enthusiasts are concerned, so some questions will remain unanswered, but it is a start. Feature-wise, it sounds like Trinity has all of the pieces it needs to be competitive with Intel in at least this one specific market segment, though its hard not to be a bit disappointed that the 7660D GPU lacks some of the more forward-looking video playback capabilities of its discrete siblings. If the 65W Trinity processors can be as competitive and offer a more reasonable power envelope, then Trinity might be set to offer a compelling alternative to Ivy Bridge for HTPCs.

AMD provided us with an A10-5800K APU along with the Asus F2 A85-M Pro motherboard for our test drive. Purists might balk at the idea of an overclockable 100W TDP processor being used in tests intended to analyze the HTPC capabilities. However, the A10-5800K comes with the AMD Radeon HD 7660D, the highest end GPU in the Trinity lineup. Using this as the review platform gives readers an understanding of the maximum HTPC capabilities of the Trinity lineup. 


Jun 05 2012

News - AnandTech - Llano HTPC Builder's Guide


Trinity is just around the corner, but there's no reason not to take a look at its aging sibling Llano with a builder's guide for HTPC since most of it should carry over to the new platform. All told, it looks like they did a pretty solid job with it except for the cases, where there is a serious lack of anything slim, sleek or CEesqe - which for me is the whole point behind lusting after low-TDP IPG/APU.

AMD's Llano lineup includes a range of processors with TDP ranging from 65 to 100W. Note that simple playback tasks are going to be quite power-efficient, thanks to integrated hardware decoding. The high TDPs shouldn't put one off. There are plenty of FM1 socket motherboards based on the A55 / A75 FCHs (Fusion Controller Hubs). The choice of the Llano APU, motherboard form factor and other components should be made depending on the desired usage scenario. In the next few sections, we will take a look at the choices available.


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