Nov 12 2015

News - WHAT HI-FI Reviews LG 65EF950V OLED 4K TV

LG must be doing the full PR press with all the 4K OLED reviews popping up in the last few days. Granted, this is the first one I've seen for the UK version of the flat 65" display, so it was nice to see.

Nov 11 2015

News - TweakTown Drools Over, er... Reviews LG 65EG9600 Curved 65" 4K OLED

There are very few times when, after reading the intro paragraph for a review, that I am legitimately jealous. So well done TweakTown. Lucky Bastards Wink.

Nov 10 2015

News - The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

There was a time, not that long ago, that plasma display panel (PDP) technology ruled the earth. Not only because it dominated in picture quality, but because it also lead when it came to value as well. There was an area where PDP could not compete, and its power consumption ultimately proved the stake that killed it. OEMs were unwilling to invest in making the jump to 4K, and figuring out how to make 4X the pixels consume legal amounts of electricity. Fortunately, all hope is not lost - at least on the picture quality side (we have a lot of ground to make up on the value...) with a new king emerging.

Nov 06 2015

News - HDTVtest Has The Scoop On LG + OLED + HDR

LG loves OLED, LG's OLED displays support two of the five (!) HDR standards and more. Including temptation for UK buyers at the end. Must resist Smile

Nov 02 2015

News - 2015 LG OLED Will Do HDR

This isn't really new news but it was the first time I've seen confirmation from a reputable source that 2015 LG OLED models will be (are?) updated to support HDR. This is fantasic, and really the only reason I would have said to hold off grabbing one of these panels if your budget allows.


Nov 02 2015

News - Pocket Lint Reviews LG 950V / EF9500 4K OLED HDTV

Every review I've seen for one of LG's OLED HDTVs has the review drooling all over the panel (and TBF, every LG OLED I've seen in person has elicited the same response from me). If you have the dosh, and the space for one of these large panel displays, it would be hard to do better - this year.

For many serious AV fans - the sort of people who still own or sigh wistfully over the loss of Pioneer or Panasonic plasma TVs - OLED technology has long looked like the answer to their post-plasma TV prayers. The LG 950V (or LG EF9500 as it's known in the US) is the company's first affordable(ish) flat 4K OLED panel, following-up the already excellent curved 960V from earlier this year.

Pocket Lint

Oct 25 2015

News - Reference Home Theater Reviews LG 55EG9100 OLED

If you have an aging plasma, and are looking for the display that could replace it. Only OLED will do the trick. I've seen this display in passing and it does look fantastic, but 3D lovers (like me) will lament the passive nature of LG's implementation and (like me) need to wait for the 4K displays to come down in price a bit before making the plunge.

The 55” LG 55EG9100 OLED display is the entry-level LG OLED for 2015. For plasma fans, OLED has been billed as the great savior. Not only would an OLED be thinner than our plasma sets, but it could be brighter and have pure blacks. We wouldn’t have to live with the LCD compromises of worse off-axis viewing and backlights that can’t deliver the darkest blacks. OLED promises the potential to make us forget about plasma once and for all.

Reference Home Theater

Jan 06 2015

News - LG adds to the 4K content news at CES

EF9500 (A)_1 GoPro Infill low

CES 2015 seems to be the catalyst for getting content for the 4K screens which are getting better and less expensive. LG is getting into this in a big way with partnerships for content including GoPro, DirectTV VOD, Netflix, Youtube, and more. LG was one of the first LCD screens I bought, and it still delivers great picture for an older screen. I hope the webOS 2.0 that is going into LG's new screens lives up to its promise of ease of use.

PR after the break.

Jan 05 2015

News - LG Innotek Joins Wireless Speaker and Audio (WiSA) Association

I've visitied with WiSA a few times at CES, and will again in a coupe days, and each time I've been impressed with the technology and how far it has come year-over-year. Today they announced that LG Innotek has joined the association. As you can probably guess LG Innotek is an affiliate of the giant we know as LG - so it should make it into their products and other vendors as well.

PR after the break.

Jan 15 2013

News - LG @ CES 2013

LG CES 2013

If you follow displays, you already know that there were myriad UHD and OLED TVs at CES 2013. LG had both, but they had one over on all the other OEMs because they are the only ones that can claim to be shipping 1080p OLED displays. Now they haven't made there way over here yet (should be in March sometime), but you can buy one in Korea right now if you have the cash.

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