Jan 15 2013

News - LG @ CES 2013

LG CES 2013

If you follow displays, you already know that there were myriad UHD and OLED TVs at CES 2013. LG had both, but they had one over on all the other OEMs because they are the only ones that can claim to be shipping 1080p OLED displays. Now they haven't made there way over here yet (should be in March sometime), but you can buy one in Korea right now if you have the cash.

Dec 28 2012

News - LG Hecto Laser Projector


Speaking of CES, LG has pipped themselves a bit with the announcement of their upcoming HECTO projector. While another DLP based laser projector is cool, it's not really newsworthy until discovering that this one can create a 100' 1080p display from just 22" (yes less than two feet) away from the screen. We'll make sure to swing by their booth at CES and check this guy out.

Hit up Engadget for the the PR.

Oct 26 2012

News - Samsung and LG May Delay 55" OLED TVs Until Late 2013, LG Still Prepping $20,000 4K TV


Samsung and LG both made a splash at CES 2012 with 55" OLED TVs that they planned on bringing to market by the end of this year. Unfortunately, it sounds like both companies might be pushing off these new sets until late in 2013. Evidently the two companies have been squabbling over engineers and run into production issues that are slowing down the transition of their manufacturing facilities. 

Samsung and LG, the two electronics makers who promised us these exciting, mind-rotting devices, are said to be having worse-than-expected difficulties manufacturing the sets.


This would seem to be a particularly unfortunate setback for Samsung, given the company's public push to move away from LCD manufacturing to focus on OLED and the growing interest in 4K, or UHDTV, at the high-end of the market from companies that have continued to focus on LCD. LG can at least console itself by capitalizing on the latter trend with plans for a relatively inexpensive 4K LCD TV.

Sony's gorgeous 84-inch 4k TV costs an eye-watering $25,000. Now LG has announced the price of its contender and it's cheaper—but you could still buy a car for less.


Oct 06 2012

News - 4K HDTVs Predicted to Represent Less Than 1% of TV Shipments Through 2017


Our own Andrew van Til recently scoffed at the notion of debating the merits of OLED vs 4K TVs and trying to decide which one is more worthy of holding out for. It would appear that the folks at IHS iSuppli Research would probably agree. IHS is predicting that 4K TVs will represent an exceedingly small part of the market over the next five years, only reaching 0.8% of all TV shipments in 2017. The central thrust of IHS's argument is that the LCD-based 4K TVs creeping into the market right now exist only so that manufacturers can stake a claim on the nosebleed edge of the premium market. In order for 4K to go mainstream, not only will consumers need to be convinced of the benefits, but new technology is going to be necessary to reduce costs. IHL predicts that will require AMOLED panels, but LG and Smasung continue to struggle to make large AMOLED panels and Japanese firms are scrambling to find a competitive technology to match AMOLED. By the time the behind-the-scenes manufacturing details get worked out for these companies and their 4K offerings, standard OLED screens will probably have already had their make-or-break day in the market and everyone will already be turning their attention to what will come next.

The 4K television segment recently has garnered attention with Sony Corp. announcing an 84" 4K LCD-TV priced at $25 000. LG Electronics also launched an 84" LCD-TV for $20 000. Toshiba Corp. is offering a 55" model priced at $10 000. Chinese brands Hisense and Konka have also announced that they will launch 84" 4K TV-sets this year. However, IHS believes that neither consumers nor television brands will have the interest required to make the 4K LCD-TV market successful.

X-bit Labs

Oct 05 2012

News - Rhapsody Aims for Smart TVs with Panasonic, LG, and Samsung

Microsoft isn't the only company looking to conquer the living room with a streaming music service this month. Rhapsody has been quite prolific, developing apps for just about every mobile device ecosystem one can think of, but now the company is looking to engage consumers in their living rooms. Rhapsody has announced that their music app is now available for Smart TVs from Panasonic, LG, and Samsung, with Sharp and the Xbox 360 to come later. This is an unusually diverse mix of Smart TV platforms to launch on simultaneously, so one would assume that the app is pretty similar across the board, but it probably won't mirror the online and mobile device experiences, but will instead serve to complement those experiences. It sounds like the Smart TV version of Rhapsody will be focused more on the company's streaming and subscription service rather than on purchasing individual tracks in the music store. This includes highlighting a radio version of the Rhapsody service that selects songs and editor-curated playlists based on music preferences, a move that suggests that Rhapsody isn't content competing with Spotify and wants to take on Pandora on its turf as well.

 Rhapsody on Smart TVs

Rhapsody's music service is turning your living room into a jukebox, announcing today that its music app is now available on LG, Panasonic, and Samsung Smart TVs.

Though the company provided few details about what the Rhapsody TV app will entail, it said that the technology has been optimized for convenience, fast playback, and a rich visual interface maximized by high-definition displays.

PC Magazine

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Oct 04 2012

News - LG Google TV Reviewed

 LG G2 Google TV

Google entered the new year with big plans for Google TV. The platform was moving from Intel Atom chips to ARM SoCs, Sony was returning as a hardware partner and throughout the year the list of manufactures kept growing as companies like Vizio, LG, and Hisense announced Google TV products. Although standalone boxes dominate the scene for media streamers, Google TV has, from the beginning, pushed to be added to manufacturers' TV sets. LG is one company that has taken Google up on this offer. The LG G2 Google TV is a 47" LCD TV with an edge-lit LED 1080p panel. It sports the usual collection of connections including HDMI, component, and RGB, but no doubt LG anf Google are hoping you will have little use for these connections as the star of the show is the integrated Google TV. Now, one could go melodramatic and point out that building your media streamer right into the TV may mean no separate box is necessary, but it also means putting your faith in the manufacturer to not only have a great media streamer, but also a great TV, because there is no going back. Obviously there is nothing to stop one from simply adding another, better media streamer, but if the comapnies responsible for the LG G2 Google TV can get both sdes of the equation right, then they might have a winner. I'm feeling pretty good about LG upholding their end of the deal.

All second generation Google TV devices would move to ARM silicon, including SoCs from Marvell (long a player in the video silicon space) and a surprise entrant, LG. Korea’s LG would also play a role in a big software change for Google TV, the first skinned implementation. Skins over Android are rarely something to get excited over, and can often be a detriment to performance, but the reality was that the bar was so low with Google TV that anything that could inch it up would be considered a blessing.


Aug 31 2012

News - LG Announces Smart TV Game Portal, Expands Smart TV Alliance

LG Game World

LG continues to make waves in the Smart TV arena. Earlier this week, the company announced their new Smart TV game portal called Game World. Game World will provide a central app interface for purchasing and launching free and premium games on LG Smart TVs. LG is planning on limiting the selection of games in Game World to family friendly and casual games, some of which are being designed exclusively for LG and the LG Magic Remote motion sensing remote control. In addition, some of the games will be available in 3D.

LG will initially offer games in the action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, RPG, shooter, simulation, sports, and strategy categories. The company didn't mention any specific titles in its announcement, though the promo image suggests Air Penguin 3D, Shadowgun, Cut the Rope, Plants & Zombies, and Frisbee Forever will be part of the lineup.

PC World

Smart TV AllianceWhile Game World will be exclusive to LG Smart TVs, the company is continuing to work on developing cross-platform Smart TV apps as part of the Smart TV Alliance that LG and Philips parent company, TP Vision, announced a couple of months ago. Since that initial announcement, the Smart TV Alliance has added a number of members, including Toshiba and Qualcomm. The first cross-platform apps from Accuweather and Vilanoise, along with other apps being developed by Obigo, should be available for Smart TV Alliance member sets in September. This initial wave of apps are being developed with the Alliance SDK 1.0, but the SDK 2.0 specifications are expected to be published to the Smart TV Alliance website later this year in anticpation of being used to support 2013 sets from Alliance members. Admittedly, even combined, the manufacturers represented by the Smart TV Alliance do not add up to a single Samsung, but it seems like the Smart TV Alliance has gotten off to a good start.

The Smart TV Alliance consisting of LG and TP Vision (Philips) is still hammering away at its dream of platform-independent Smart TV apps, and as IFA 2012 gets under way it has a few new announcements. After promising Japanese manufacturers would join back in June it has welcomed Toshiba to the fold, as well as other supporters like Qualcomm, Mstar, Onigo and YuMe.


Jun 21 2012

News - LG and TP Vision Establish Smart TV Alliance for Cross-Platform Apps

Smart TV Alliance

Every major TV manufacturer is trying to build a Smart TV platform these days, each with their own app store and development tools. The reality is that, for the most part, all of these manufacturers are looking to provide the same apps and access to the same connected services, so it seems silly that we should have all these different versions of the same apps, each with their own look and feel for consumers to adjust to, and each designed on a different SDK that developers have to work with. LG and TP Vision, the company that purchased the TV unit of Philips, have a plan to change things and have formed the Smart TV Alliance to promote cross-platform apps for Smart TVs. The goal is enlist TV manufacturers interested in creating a common development environment that will enable a write once-play anywhere system for developers and greater app interface consistency for consumers. There are rumors that other companies might get involved, but unfortunately,  I can think of a couple of TV manufacturers who are likely to see maintaining their exclusive platforms as the key to maintaining their early leads in the Smart TV market.

Upgrading to a Smart TV is the next step. Check out Richer Sounds for the latest models and deals. 

Philips and LG have activated their Smart TV Alliance today with the intention of creating apps that work across internet televisions built by different manufacturers.

The partnership was first announced back at IFA 2011 when LG and TP Vision (for Philips TVs) promised more details in due course, including the names of other television makers getting involved.

May 07 2012

News - LG Set to Release Google TV Sets in Late May

LG Google TV

Google was looking to give their Google TV platform a boost at CES this year and at least one new hardware manufacturer pledging their support was LG. In particular, LG was showing off a Google TV-powered smart TV along with a special version of the motion-sensitive LG Magic Remote Control with a QWERTY keyboard. It has been a few months, but LG is finally ready to try selling their Google TV sets later this month. The new TVs will reportedly be available for sale the week of May 21. There are no firm details on how extensive LG's lineup will be or on pricing, but it does sound like we can expect multiple models. Google TV seemed ready to gain some momentum with the announcement of Google TV 2.0 and with a strong showing at CES, but the delay in bringing that new hardware to market has quieted the buzz considerably, so it will be interesting to see if LG's new hardware actually attracts any attention in the mainstream.

The executive didn’t reveal any details relating to screen sizes or pricing, although according to PC World, the South Korean firm has previously said that its Google TV-powered lineup would include LG Cinema 3D displays between 55 and 84 inches (diagonal), a 3D conversion engine that can turn any 2D TV show or movie into a 3D spectacle, and an LG Magic Remote including a QWERTY keyboard.


Jan 14 2012

News - Google and LG Possible Looking at Special Collaboration for Google TV

LG and Google TV

Google TV made a big splash at CES this year, adding new manufacturers to its list of supporters, including LG. Now comes word that LG may not just be working on adding Google TV to one of their TVs, but is in talks with Google to receive early access to the next version of Google TV. The agreement would be similar to deals that Google had with HTC and then Samsung for the Nexus line of Android smartphones which Google holds up as the reference design for the platform. Presumably the idea would be to establish LG's implementation of Google TV as the reference design for that platform. It would also be an opportunity for both companies to establish a relationship that might help the companies better compete against Samsung, who is already the largest TV manufacturer in the world and rapidly building mindshare with its Smart TV platform.

One of the concerns that arose with Google's Nexus smartphone project was that it might alienate other manufacturers who were developing phones using Android, which at the time was still largely unproven in the market. If Google and LG do forge a deal, it seems likely that we will see similar concerns about Google TV. Given the way that Android sales have turned out, can Google and LG ward off criticism or is the TV market fundamentally different? 

Google Inc. (GOOG) is considering giving LG Electronics Inc. (066570)first access to the next version of its Google TV software so the Korean company can build a compatible set, according to two people with knowledge of the project.

The partnership would be similar to the arrangement Google has had with Samsung Electronics Co. (005930) and HTC Corp. to create Nexus handsets for the Android operating system, said the people, who declined to be identified because the talks aren’t public.


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