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Dec 25 2011

News - aTV Flash (black) 1.1.1 Now Available, adds support for DVR-MS files

Firecore aTV Flash (Black) has been updated to 1.1.1 and one of the nice features for Media Center users is that it adds support for DVR-MS files. Now if only it could support WTV files you could then have a cheap devices to extend your recorded tv directory around your home. I have been toying around with the idea of getting a device that supports streaming services as well as supports playback of network content like recorded tv shows and backed up movies for my kids playroom tv. This just might be the device to look at.

Firecore have released aTV Flash 1.1.1. The update is for the 2nd gen device and has support for DVR-MS files so you could watch recorded TV files on the Apple TV (if you convert your WTV files to DVR-MS)


Dec 19 2011

News - Seas0nPass Updated to Version 4.4.4


The Apple TV was recently updated to version 4.4.4, which means that the jailbreakers need to check to make sure that their software tools work as well. The folks at FireCore have done just that, releasing Seas0nPass 4.4.4 to support the new Apple TV update. Unfortunately, Seas0nPass continues to require tethering to perform the jailbreak operation with version 4.4+

Last week the 2nd gen Apple TV was updated to 4.4.4 and so Seas0nPass has been updated to support a tethered jailbreak of the device.

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Dec 16 2011

News - Apple TV Updated to Version 4.4.4

Apple TVApple has pushed out iOS version 5.0.1 along with a minor update for the Apple TV. The Apple TV can now be updated to version 4.4.4. Apple is not providing any specific details about the changes that come with the update beyond providing general stability and bug fixes. As usual, if you are interested in moving to the most recent version head to Settings-General and select "Update Software".

The Apple TV 4.4.4 update is less exciting, but it does add in “general performance and stability improvements, including a fix for an issue that displayed an error when playing some video content,” according to the changelog.

The Inquisitr

Nov 30 2011

News - Apple TV vs. Roku vs. Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Player

Sony BDP-S580 UI

Take three very different media streamers head-to-head-to-head and you are bound to find at least one that might meet your needs. The Apple TV, the Roku family of streamers, and the Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray Player represent a disparate collection of media streamers I would not normally expect to see pitted against each other, particularly the inclusion of a Blu-Ray player. That being said, many Blu-Ray players have been adding media streaming capabilities that rival those in standalone media streamers.

But, besides Apple TV and Roku, many Blu-Ray DVD players now come with Internet video built-in. If what you want this holiday season is a Blu-Ray DVD player and Internet streaming, one of these all-in-one players may be just what you need.


Nov 18 2011

News - Firecore's aTV Flash out of Beta

Firecore the developers that brought you the ability to update your Apple TV with customized firmware and the ability to play a plethora of media files such as MKV, AVI, MP4 and even ISO has recently move out of Beta. Now that the development is out of Beta Firecore is charging a $30 premium for the software.

On top of the added file playback features, the new aTV Flash includes the ability to steam your media from any file server without the need to run iTunes. Also included is an HTML 5 browser, Last.FM support, and a Plex client.

We're definitely of the opinion that the dedicated devs who do all the heavy lifting so you can tweak and hack your pile of gadgets deserve a little something for their troubles. That being said, Firecore's aTV Flash (black) is still going to be a tough sell at $30 (now that it's left beta). But, before you go, perhaps you'd like to know what that chunk of cash will enable your 2nd-gen Apple TV to do. For one, it blesses Cupertino's hobby set-top with an all new media player that can open AVI, MKV, MP4, ISO and host of other file formats. There's also an HTML5 browser for surfing the web and streaming media. Want more apps? How about a Plex client and Last.FM radio? Perhaps best of all, though, it allows you to play back files stored on a PC, Mac or NAS without the need for iTunes. Check out the video demo after the break.

Engadget HD

Nov 17 2011

News - New Apple TV in the Works?

Be forewarned. We are about to walk deep into rumor territory. Apple likes to clear inventory ahead of a product refresh and so Apple watchers often cue in on retailers selling an Apple product for less than MSRP as an early indicator of a new release, just like Amazon and Best Buy recently started doing with the Apple TV. Based on that admittedly tenuous evidence, Apple TV fans might be getting a treat for the holiday shopping season. Amazon attaching a 2010 label to the device's moniker is simply fanning the flames. Would a more powerful, 1080p capable Apple TV be enough to earn Apple's hobby a place in your stocking this year?

A new Apple TV has long been rumored. Most assume that Apple will replace the single-core A4 chip with the now nearly ubiquitous A5 chip. The dual-core processor would likely make the interface silky smooth and along with helping 1080p playback.


Nov 05 2011

News - CBS Passed on Apple TV Service

Les Moonves at CBSApple has been gradually adding new media streaming services to the Apple TV, but there have also been rumors floating around for a while that Apple has been trying to put together their own media streaming service. The assumption has been that the service, rumored to be called iTunes Replay, would be positioned to compete with Netflix and Amazon by streaming movies and television shows. However, recent comments by Les Moonves, CEO of CBS, suggest the iTunes Replay, if it ever comes to fruition, could look more like Hulu.  

The rumors surrounding iTunes Replay suggest that Apple has had little luck in getting studios to sign on and it sounds like CBS was one of those reluctant studios. In a recent earnings call Moonves commented that CBS had declined to participate in an ad-supported, Apple TV-based streaming service. 

CBS CEO Les Moonves is known to occasionally drop pieces of information that he’s not supposed to on his company’s earnings calls, and this quarter was no exception. When asked about CBS’s appetite for striking deals with new streaming providers that might not have the money to pay cash upfront to license its content, Moonves said that CBS had decided against joining an Apple TV service because it was based on an ad split.


Nov 05 2011

News - iTunes Match Reaching Out to Apple TV

Apple TV owners have another reason to update their devices to version 4.4.2. Updated Apple TVs are receiving an option to connect to iTunes Match through a new top-level Music section. I had assumed that iTunes Match would work with every iOS device, but it is still nice to see it in action on the Apple TV even if the service isn't actually up and running yet. More importantly, it's nice to see music, the media type that iPods and iOS built their success upon, regaining its stature.


The second-generation Apple TV has lacked a "Music" section on its main menu page because Apple has not offered any streaming music services, although users are currently able to stream music content from their computers via Home Sharing in iTunes.


Oct 28 2011

News - FireCore Updates for Apple TV via Seas0nPass and aTV Flash (black)

The only reason I would probably ever pick up an Apple TV would be because of the tweaking options provided by the various software packages that have sprung up around the Apple TV. FireCore has built their business around a collection of such packages. FireCore has dropped updates today for two of their Apple TV software packages, the Seas0nPass jailbreak tool and the aTV Flash (black) add-on.

The aTV Flash (black) update is a release candidate.

Firecore have released aTVFlash Release Candidae 1 for the 2nd gen Apple TV. They say RC1 is a major update and includes new grid view browsing, improved subtitles and otherperformance update.

The Digital Lifestyle

The Seas0nPass update adds support for the Apple TV 4.4.2 update.

As Apple update the Apple TV SeasOnPass the jailbreak tool for the Apple TV continues to be updated. 

The Digital Lifestyle

Oct 27 2011

News - Apple to Replace the Remote with Siri?

What’s Really Next for Apple in Television?

So it's unclear how much is from an inside source vs. just putting the pieces together, but Nick Bilton at the NY Times is saying Apple will eventually build and ship a smart TV with Siri as the UI.    I have to confess, it makes perfect sense to me.   In a few years Siri will be pretty well debugged, the processor price performance will benefit from 1 or 2 Moore's law iterations, and the rest of the industry will still be fighting over bad remote design and IR codes.    I know there aren't a lot of Apple fans on this site, but in this case I think the TV industry is going to get what they deserve.

Apple Siri Icon

“I’ve finally cracked it!” Steven P. Jobs, co-founder of Apple, told his biographer, Walter Isaacson.

Although Mr. Jobs was referring to Apple’s plans to build a full-fledged television, he was not actually referring to the TV set, which is how the comment has been widely interpreted. Instead, it is becoming clear that Mr. Jobs was talking about Siri, Apple’s new artificial intelligent software on the iPhone 4S.

NY Times


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